Cat Questions: Why Do Cats Roll On The Ground?

Cat Questions: Why Do Cats Roll On The Ground?

Cats roll for different reason than that of the dog.

When dogs roll, this means that they submit to their masters.

For cats, rolling sends a different meaning to the outside world.

Cats Roll to Signal The Male Cats

Female cats in heat roll on the floor. The female cat is full of sexual hormones and exceptionally affectionate. Rolling on the ground, in front of humans or other cats is their announcement that the female cat is ready for mating.

Cats Roll to Relax

For cats, rolling is simply their way to relax. Your cat is pretty much comfortable in this position. This cat rolling on the ground is in a happy place for the moment. And you do not have to intervene while they do this.

Your cat may even be on catnip, as rolling is a common effect of catnip ingestion. This herb gives a sense of high to cats. Catnip is harmless to cats so no need to worry.

Cats Roll For Your Attention and Playtime

You should be honored when your cat rolls in front of you. This is a sign of greeting from your cat. And that means your feline pet is allowing you to pet its tummy. Or wherever it is that your cat loves to be touched. Though belly rubs are truly appreciated

This means that your cat truly trusts you and wants to play with you. And you should give your full attention to your furry kid.

You should be careful though when your cat is in rolling and playful mode. The cat may be waiting for that belly rub and then let their claws dig into your hand.

Next time you see your cat rolling on the ground, you can assess the reason for it. It is no mystery anymore to you why cats roll.

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